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'Painting with Venosa'

- The Online workshop -

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited Robert Venosa Online Workshop was just released by his son, Chris Venosa in November of 2021.

The project began when special-effects professionals and long-time friends, Mark Read and Claudia Meglin, joined Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann in their home/studio in Boulder, Colorado, to discuss a special workshop video project.

It came into closer focus when Mark offered the usage of state-of-the-art Sony Camera equipment and Chris Venosa, who has worked as a cameraman for Austrian television and sports channels, joined the team for the final filming of the workshop footage in 2009.

During his last visit with his father, just a couple of months before his departure in 2011, Chris was able to share the first rough editing of the footage and discuss some ideas and details with Robert. The final content would be a step-by-step recording of Robert painting a canvas from beginning to end, starting with the introduction of his materials and personal comments all the way to the final painting.


All materials are based on the workshops that Robert Venosa taught together with his partner, Martina Hoffmann, over the course of 18 years at such learning centers as Esalen Institute, CA, the CIIS in San Francisco, Omega Institute in NY, and Skyros Institute in Greece and Tobago as well as during the numerous privately-held workshops held by the artist couple in Boulder, CO, and Cadaques, Spain.

Over the many moons that have passed since then, Chris has been synthesizing and finetuning the vast film footage into a bite-size and comprehensive workshop module that will delight all visionary art students and long-time followers of Venosa.

We now invite you to sample the workshop and

sign up for the Full Online Course.

For additional painting technique and method questions,
please book
a Live Session with Martina Hoffmann.

Enjoy the photo album of the making of the workshop footage. 


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