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Robert Venosa had a passion for exploring the abstract in his art.

From his very earliest work to his last paintings, he greatly enjoyed

finding form in random imagery.

"…Venosa, searching for the light, learned the tempera and oil glazing technique from yours truly in New York…, and opted to perfect it in a state of mind of jewel-like clarity…..He uses photorealism on some of his canvases only to lure us through its “reality” into his own inner world of swirling and seraphic energies. A sensual dance of reptilian dimensions surfing upon the delights of perfect organic harmony, between one instant and another….His are forms from the future days when the artist will be the genetic manipulator of new living organisms…."


- Mati Klarwein -

Excerpt from his foreword for Robert Venosa’s book ‘Illuminatus’.

Here a selection of such pieces, nondescript and hard to categorize, created out of the pure enjoyment of "letting the canvas dictate to him what it wanted to be".

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