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The transcendent, otherworldly quality of Venosa's art fits perfectly into the Sci-Fi genre of film design. Dune, Fire in The Sky, and Race For Atlantis are three movies for which Venosa has created his unique style of conceptual design.



The exquisite landscapes and character design executed by Venosa for Dune are incomparable visions of the fantastic. Frank Herbert's masterpiece, as interpreted through the dreamlike art of Venosa, promised an inspired collaboration that would have translated magically onto the screen. However, as often happens in Hollywood, the production staff changed hands in mid-stream and Venosa's work was sacrificed to the gods of banality. H.R. Giger was another whose designs on the project were also scrapped. One can only imagine what might have been.


Rob Lieberman, the director of Fire in The Sky, contacted Venosa after seeing his work in Noospheres. Their visions of the otherworldly coincided and Lieberman felt that Venosa was perfect for the movie's design work... a sampling of which is shown below. But budget cuts and visionless decision-makers soon followed, and, once again, Venosa's work was lost in the shuffle.


Race For Atlantis is an animatronic, 3-D adventure created by IMAX, projected onto an 85-foot screen in a custom built theater at Caeser's Palace in Las Vegas. Venosa was asked to design the protagonist of the film, a creature called 'Ghastlius', a dark creature that slowly transforms itself into an angelic being after having been touched by the light.

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