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While the largest portion of Robert Venosa's art was created in the classical medium of oil on canvas, he nevertheless enjoyed 'dabbling' with the digital medium and created some works that are a digital manipulation of his original paintings and drawings.

So, once in a while, he would ..."enter the realm of computer art, 

attempting to morph from the traditional world of oil painting into the pixel-pecked world of cyber art.

No mean feat for a purist: I find it difficult to adjust to the fact that even the circle is made up of the square (pixel)...Also, more consideration must be given to the quality and size of the end-product before I consign any portion of my soul to this electron entity. However, the potential, and challenge, is something no artist can deny nor avoid"

One of Venosa's first projects was a collaboration with the rock-music photographer, John Bellissimo, in the early 1990s, integrating and graphically enhancing their respective imagery in a series of limited edition prints and, ultimately, a book entitled Collaboration. Due to John's untimely death, the book never became a physical reality. A few of their initial efforts are shown here.


Other pieces are Music cover art, film design, digital mandalas, and design elements for his books.

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