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Robert Venosa studied painting technique with Mati Klarwein in New York, and

Ernst Fuchs in Vienna, both of whom are proponents of the Misch Technique (also known as the Master's Technique) discovered by the fifteenth-century Flemish masters Hubert and Jan Van Eyck, which utilizes the system of under-painting in tempera and coloring with oil glazes.

This technique is perfect for painting the crystalline worlds that Venosa envisioned: Light travels through the surface oil glazes, bounces off the white tempera underpainting, and comes back out hitting the eye with the illusion of transparent depth.

As with most artists, Venosa found his own technique by taking elements of what Fuchs and Klarwein taught and added his own personal touch to arrive at a style - which was ever evolving - the uniqueness of which is evident in the following catalog of his work.

The art is organized into vraious thematic galleries and  represented from the most recent down to his eralier creations.

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